A goat gave birth to a human-looking calf – knowing what happened next

Have you ever heard of an animal giving birth to a baby like a human?

If not here’s a new product just for you! This is the case in Kachar district of Assam state, where a domesticated goat gave birth to a human-like baby.
The goat gave birth to a human-like baby:
When the people of the village came to know about this, crowds of people flocked there. It is said that the goat looked like a man, except for two legs and ears. However the goat died half an hour after birth.

The shocking incident took place in Kachar district of Assam:
According to media reports, people in Ganga Nagar village of Kachar district were shocked when they came to know about this. In the case, the animal husband said he could not believe it when his pet goat gave birth on Monday. When I looked closely at the kid, his face looked like a man. The baby’s tail was not even visible. However, the baby died within half an hour.

The image is currently going viral on social media:
The image also went viral on social media. In this picture it can be seen that the goat was not fully developed. However, the face looked exactly like a human face. The villagers felt that some of their ancestors were born in the womb of a goat. However, the locals buried him according to traditional customs.

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